Celeste Chalasani

Needle Artist, Designer & Teacher
Specializing in Stumpwork
I offer the following lectures which can be given in person or virtually. Please contact me for lecture fees.

Stumpwork Lecture
Stumpwork: Then & Now: This lecture compares and contrasts Stumpwork as it was practiced in the 17th century to how it has evolved. The PowerPoint presentation includes photos of museum pieces to show the different characteristics of the historical practice. I then show how the art evolved and compare it to the work of contemporary artists including my own.
Sericulture Lecture
From Silkworm to Sari: Sericulture in India: This lecture explains the process of producing silk in India. I use a PowerPoint presentation with photos taken on site in Southern India to first show how the silk cocoons are sorted and the various processes involved with reeling the silk to produce a silk thread suitable for weaving. I also run a video that shows how hand weaving is still done in the village of Mangalageeri, Andhra Pradesh. I conclude the lecture with photos of saris that I own from different regions of India.
Shisha Lecture
Shisha Embroidery: This lecture consists of a PowerPoint presentation of pieces I own as well as some photos of older pieces held in museums. With the pieces I own, I highlight the different ways that have been used to attach the mirrors. I follow up the lecture with a demo of one method of how to attach mirrors to fabric using a document camera. Included in this lecture is a small project that includes both left and right handed instructions.